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Our Training 

1. Training

  • Content development

  • Train-the-trainer sessions

  • Batch-wise training modules for recipients


2. Development pipeline

  • Analysis of business plans

  • Short-listing and further support to high-potential attendees


3. Resources

  • Sustainability support during training 

  • Access to technology platforms


4. On-going support

  • Coaching/mentoring

  • Sourcing of volunteer mentors and coaches from the community

  • Access to resources


5. Integration of select businesses

  • Collaboration with social enterprises on case-by-case basis

6. One-on-One Coaching

  • Executive Coaching for Business Leaders

  • Life Coaching to get to root cause of issues

7. Project Based Learning 

  • Identification of Project Based Learning Opportunities

  • Overview of Areas for research

  • Mentoring/Coaching

  • Feedback on final projects 

  • Recommendation letters

Micro-Entrepreneur Training 

In a developing economy like India, sustainable micro-enterprises can be
a great boon to help fill in the gaps of the formal employment sector. Krishi Star can develop programs aimed to support such communities 
by training them to initiate and successfully run sustainable businesses
that could help them come out of the vicious cycle of poverty and

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Project Based Learning

The Project-Based Learning Program approach offered by Krishi Star aims to build creative and analytical skills for students while providing them valuable experiential learning.

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One-on-One Coaching 

Our Executive Coaches at Krishi Star can help Senior Teams with their Leadership Behaviours or work with Middle Management to help them get to the root cause of their issues or help them find the right tools to manage their teams.

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