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Know Your Onions - The Krishi Star Podcast

6 August

Pilot - Welcome to 'Know your Onions' - Aired on 6th August 2021

Know Your Onions podcast is an initiative by Krishi Star, to create a community of global change-makers. We believe that the greatest impact is created when we stop thinking and start doing! With Know Your Onions, listen to inspiring stories, funny anecdotes, our thoughts and experiences through the Krishi Star narrative, honest conversations with people who are creating impact, and much more. Journey with us as we venture out into the world and make a difference!

Know Your Onions - The Krishi Star Podcast

13 August

Episode 1 - Intern to CEO - Aired on 13th August 2021

Bryan Lee, the CEO of Krishi Star, talks about his journey right from the time he visited India for a college project to forming Krishi Star, its vision & mission, the business model, and an introduction to the Redemptive Business Strategy. Listen in to find out more!

Know Your Onions - The Krishi Star Podcast

20 August

Episode 2 - The Importance of Continual Learning - Aired on 20th August 2021

Jim is a partner at Joyview Education, an institution that trains students to become compassionate young future leaders and global citizens who can positively impact the world.
In today's episode Jim talks about different learning techniques and concepts that make learning a continual, experiential and fun process in the classroom and in the workplace.

Know Your Onions - The Krishi Star Podcast

27 August

Episode 3 - Building a Value-Driven Company - Aired on 27th August 2021

In this episode, we have two guest speakers - Bryan and David, who share their experience. They talk about the aspects essential for building a value-driven company - business impact, values, culture, and community.

Know Your Onions - The Krishi Star Podcast

3 September

Episode 4 - The power of partnerships - Aired on 3rd September 2021

Today we’re in conversation with Shloka Nath, Head of Sustainability, Policy & Advocacy at Tata Trusts, one of India’s leading Philanthropic foundations. Shloka talks about the formation of the India Climate Collaborative and how partnerships are at the core of their strategy, the involvement of children through the ICC and Sesame Street partnership and much more! Tune in to find out.

Know Your Onions - The Krishi Star Podcast

10 September

Episode 5 - Redemptive Values & Work Culture - Aired on 10th September 2021

Alignment of personal values to an organization's values is crucial to building a thriving work culture. Today we're in conversation with David Nott, Director of Krishi Star, who talks about the importance of company values and why it should be at the core of the business strategy, the formation of Krishi Star’s Redemptive values, and its prevalence in the workplace. David also coaches CEO/Directors in leadership behaviours and helps individuals to reach their full potential. Tune in to find out more.

Know Your Onions - The Krishi Star Podcast

17 September

Episode 6 - An introduction to traditional women artisans and their empowerment - Aired on 17th September 2021

Art can empower, educate and change lives. In today’s episode learn how Aditi is working towards empowering rural handicraft artisans and linking traditional art & contemporary design through her high end fashion brand, Ruas. When you purchase a Ruas luxury product, you are preserving crafts & supporting the creativity along with the independence of an artisan.You can listen to Aditi speak about her vision and the impact she is creating for women, the struggles and challenges she faced along the way and how we can contribute to Ruas’ vision.

Know Your Onions - The Krishi Star Podcast

24 September

Episode 7 - Startup Culture vs Corporate Culture - Aired on 24th September 2021

Culture isn’t about comfy chairs and happy hours at the office but about the people and their ability to thrive in a critical situation. Do startups create conducive environments for developing resilience in employees? Are hierarchies in large corporations all that bad? In today's episode we’re in conversation, Nimisha Menon, a banking and investment professional. Nimisha has worked with large corporations as well as start-ups and shares with us her experiences and insights with the two different work cultures and highlights some interesting work cultures from around the world.

Know Your Onions - The Krishi Star Podcast

1 October

Episode 8 - Experimenting With Business Models - Aired on 1st October 2021

Experiments can be used to introduce new ideas or to clarify confusing aspects of business which entrepreneurs struggle with. Krishi Star’s business model went through some serious changes in the last few years. Discover how that happened as Bryan shares with us in depth about the Krishi Star’s business model and its aspects - food brand, consulting and redemptive vision.

Know Your Onions - The Krishi Star Podcast

8 October

Episode 9 - Work From Anywhere, Mental Health and Healthy Eating - Aired on 8th October 2021

We might be in the middle of a pandemic but our mental health and nutrition needn’t take a backseat. Carlyne Remedios is an Accredited Practising Dietitian from Dietitian's Australia and the founder of Nutritionally Yours, an online platform that provides reliable, and authentic nutrition information. In this episode, she shares with us the importance of mental health, a good diet and a daily routine in a work-from-anywhere scenario