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How food Impacts our Health

I’m a 16-year-old high-school student who, like many other girls who love beauty, desires a

slender figure. I normally don't want to eat to achieve this beauty level. Every time I only take a few bites, I declare that I am full. I even eat only one meal every day. There will be no significant changes if things continue as they are. However, I can plainly tell that my energy level is lower than it was previously. Difficulty concentrating; physical strength has also declined significantly, and running in gym class is extremely dangerous for hypoglycaemia. I even went to the metro without having any breakfast one time. On the way, I had low blood sugar and my eyes were dark, so I couldn’t see what was in front of me. After that time, I realised that we have to eat food to support our actions.

People in today’s culture often assume that skinny females are much more attractive. The

research examined 53 magazine covers from nine of Mexico’s most popular publications. The

findings demonstrate that all of the covers continue to captivate readers with photographs of

women, with 98% of the covers featuring slender women. This type of toxic knowledge has a

negative influence on society’s aesthetic notion as a whole. However, this is only a feminine

stereotype. Girls are more than just slender and pretty. We should strive for healthy beauty. She said to us, like Gu Ailing, a freestyle chemical athlete who shone out in the Winter Olympics, that modern ladies should have a good body, and that the sort of weak and irresponsible beauty who falls down after jogging a km should not be chased. Most ladies seek to lose weight in order to cater to the public. Losing weight is basically a fairly easy concept.

The distance traveled is more than the quantity consumed: in order to attain the objective, more individuals opt to diet, and dieting frequently results in a rebound. Diseases such as bulimia can do significant injury to our bodies. Consequently, we have to eat healthily in order to keep our bodywork well.

Why do we eat?

● Because I am hungry.

● To give us the energy to support our daily lives.

● To make ourselves happy and healthy.

How does nutrition work?

● Fat is an essential component and its main function is to supply and maintain the heat

energy necessary for life, maintain body temperature, and store heat energy.

● Carbohydrates supply energy to the body and constitute tissues and cells that maintain

the normal function of brain cells.

● The role of vitamins is mainly involved in the regulation of body metabolism.

Being fit doesn't just mean looking fit. It is hard work and as a result, we should take more care about health, and attach more importance to our eating diet which is one of the most important things to our health.

- Iris

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