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sustainable future

Our Vision

Krishi Star’s vision is to improve lives for smallholder farmers while catalysing and building inclusive, sustainable, and healthy food value chains in India

About us

A farm to fork business that is ending poverty among farmers in rural India.

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Latest News 

The Krishi Star Podcast

The final episode in our current season Podcast 'Know your Onions'.

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Krishi Star partners with German Development Agency 

Sept 2019


Krishi Star engages with GiZ to work on a value chain development project with tomato farmers in Narayangaon, Maharashtra.



Meet the Team

Bryan Lee


At Cornell University, Bryan studied engineering with the goal of becoming a rocket scientist. But, he learned he did not enjoy aerospace and moved onto his passion of working with Asian American artists. He joined Nemesis Records, a record label that promoted such artists, in New York for eight years. Afterwards, he pursued various entrepreneurial activities (including teaching taekwondo) as well as volunteer work (including raising money for an orphanage in India). He became hooked on international development, and went to business school at the Kellogg School of Management. While working towards his MBA, he interned at iFarms in Delhi and learned from farmers all over India. Understanding the large scale of poverty in agriculture, he formed Krishi Star.


David Nott


David lives by Albert Einstein’s saying that “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” This value of simplicity has shaped his life, especially in food—from choosing to be vegetarian for over 35 years, to cooking from scratch all of his meals. David is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as a hypnotherapist. After volunteering at Krishi Star for six months on a career break, he decided to stay and has worked as the Head of HR and Business Development for three years (despite missing cheese from Britain on the daily). He believes the most valuable asset to any organization are its people, so he creates an environment of continual learning.


Agastya Chopra


In high school, Agastya attended the United World College in Singapore. He learned and grew alongside students from all corners of the world and this experience taught him to see people as people, transforming his worldview to achieving a higher objective in life. This desire to live for a greater purpose led him to joining Krishi Star’s quest to improve the lives of farmers. When he’s not strategising the next phase of Krishi Star's sales efforts or taking his dog Scott out on walks, he is planting trees in Sanjay Gandhi National Park through his NGO, Gaia Conversation Foundation. He founded this NGO with the goal to restore degraded forest lands and to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a conservationist.

Jacob pic_edited.jpg

Jacob Kurian


Jacob has always been passionate about cooking which is what pushed him straight into the hospitality industry. He handles the ‘Marketing Outreach’ work at Krishi Star and believes in creating an impact on the livelihood of farmers. His favourite quotes to live by are, “Man does not live by bread alone" and “A penny saved is a penny earned”. He completed his education at Alpina School of Hotel Management in Switzerland and Johnson and Wales University, RI, USA – Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management. Jacob believes in the simplicity of things and is very unassuming as a person, so much so that you would never guess that he is well-traveled. (32 countries and counting)

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